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3x Yoga Week with Toms, Synthesis

I have an announcement that from this week on I am taking up a new challenge: doing a transition from 7 day yoga week to 3x new classes.


In short, I am going to post 3 times a week as follows


    Gentle and Playful ?+☀️ Yoga


    Active flow ?+? Yoga




And even though it may seem like less work, actually in the beginning there is more to do to design the theme and structure for each class. While still keeping class certain to fulfill the purpose but open enough to have elements of freedom, creativity, playfulness, and surprise. 

There are two main reasons for making this decision:

  1. As I am taking up more classes teaching more students, I have less time to actually study and improve. To keep the quality of my classes improving cutting down on quantity is a necessary compromise.
  2. For some of my students who are not able to attend a class every day having a new class posted each day can be overwhelming at times. And can cause a feeling of being left behind. And cutting down on new content being posted improves motivation and ability to follow through. 

As for people who still want to practice every single day – no problem. While there might not be fresh classes every day, there is already an abundance of video recordings to last for months without having the need for repetition. Not that there is anything bad repeating a good class. ? 

Monday’s Gentle and Playful ?+☀️ Yoga

Combination of 

  • “Mondays” & “Sundays” themes
  • Elements of Moon ㊊ and Sun ㊐
  • Ruling signs of Cancer ♋ and Leo ♌
  • Ruling planets of Moon and Sun

This is a very interesting combination of active and passive. Yin & Yang. Idea is to nurture and take care of ourselves, to have a gentle practice to start the week expressing self-love.  This yoga class has a focus on careful movements, feeling your motion and emotions, and encouraging body awareness. Class is based on qualities of Moon with some flares from Sun ?:

♥ forward-bends – to encourage self-acceptance, give gentle stretch to the legs and lower back

♥ twists – to discover and release stored up emotions and give a gentle massage to inner organs, helping to increase the blood flow and detox at the same time

♥ hip openings – give attention to our hip, release emotions stored here (generally long term)

This class can be likened to preparation of the soil before planting a seed – body & mind. 


Wednesday’s Active flow ?+? Yoga

Combination of:

  • “Tuesdays” & “Wednesdays” themes
  • Elements of fire ㊋ and water
  • Ruling signs of Aries & Gemini
  • Ruling planets of Mars & Mercury ☿

What happens when you combine fire  ㊋ and water ㊌? You get steam!

The theme of the day is activity – engaging power in both dynamic ways and stillness.

As always, I encourage you to know your limits and find the courage to respect your body to make progress in a sustainable way. Remember that the fire will consume everything. So either take control of it or mix it with a bit of water to cool it down. When in doubt – ask your body for guidance. Today engage in communication!

Part of the class will be geared toward shorter holds of asanas to have that experience of practicing more postures within the time limit of the class.

This class can be likened as actually planting the seed and giving it the spark to grow!

Friday’s Grounding?+?+?Yoga

Combination of:

  • “Thursdays” & “Fridays” & “Saturdays” themes
  • Elements of wood ㊍, gold ㊎ , and earth ㊏
  • Ruling signs of Sagittarius , Libra , and Capricorn
  • Ruling planets of Jupiter , Venus , and Saturn

What could be a common theme here? Optimism, expansion, balance, stability, steadfastness, self-love, stability, wisdom… These amongst the few are qualities represented today. 

Taking a step back and looking at the big picture you notice, that whatever you want to achieve in your life, for sustainable results you will need a strong foundation. And that the overarching theme of the day. The objective is grounding the Self to develop healthy roots underneath to support the growth and bearing the fruits above the ground. As above, so below.


If this is something that might interest you, check the details on monthly subscription I offer.

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