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A creative expression of gratitude in mothers day

Happy mothers day!

Some of us already started this great tradition last week, however, most of the world is celebrating mother’s day today – second Sunday of May. Expressing gratitude for love received from mothers.

Let’s not limit our gratitude!

❧ Express gratitude and love to mothers more than once a year

❧ Each and every one of us is here because of a mother, let’s remember that, be grateful.

❧ Be grateful for all the mother figures in your life, shaping and caring for you. Even a kind smile from a lady on the street!

❧ Be grateful to Nature. ALL of us are here as direct descendants of the Mother Earth

❧ Be aware that you can not give without a receiver and you can’t receive without a giver. Mother.

What other ways of being grateful for our mothers can you imagine? ?️??Let’s be creative!

Invest some time and contemplate! Meditate. Practice yoga. Wish you a great day. ♥ Smile & Be present! Invest ♥

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