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Fun with Facebook Fundraiser

You might already know, that a couple of days ago I launched my fundraiser to support me in these tough times. But then I was not able to actually receive the funds, because the Spanish bank account was requested (and I don’t have one yet).
If you are in a position to support me, your donations are much appreciated!
You can support me through PAYPAL:
Or find other methods at
Following is my documentation of my attempt to create a fundraiser to accept donations inside Facebook…
March 27 – created a fundraiser campaign. waiting till FB approves it. ?
March 31 – my fundraising got approved! Receiving first donations! ?
April 1 –
*) notification to set up a bank account to receive donations.
*) after trying out different things and diagnosing the problem, I found out that its because I need to have a Spanish IBAN, which I don’t have at the moment.
*) I send a message to FB’s support. Which replay quite fast saying that I need to delete my fundraise, set up a new one.
*) I try, no luck. Contact them again and receive an answer that we need to wait for a response from Stripe… their payment system.
*) meanwhile I discover that I can not receive at my Latvian bank account (the country is not supported), so I will need to change it to UK and GBP… waiting for the response.
April 2 – waiting…
April 3 – still waiting…
So far lost more than 3 hours for this journey… can not imagine a better test for my inner-perfectionist…?‍♀️

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