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Unlimited 6 months



This is an invitation to stop limiting what you believe is possible in one week, 24 weeks in a row.

This is a bespoke solution with a guarantee to deliver a powerful breakthrough.

Get a powerful insight that can shift your whole life and save you time (weeks, months) of pushing in the wrong direction or feeling stuck.

After that, get as many insights and breakthroughs as you are willing to show up for.

Improve your productivity with clarity through mindfulness and practice of flow state (peak performance). Get better results by solving the root cause: state of mind; leading to better story told and strategy chosen to execute.

The offer is designed to work for even extremely busy, even if you travel a lot and shift time zones often.

Expand the belief of what you believe is possible for you 1 week from right now.

Get 6 months of up to 2 hours per day of 1:1 coaching with me over voice/text messages (WhatsApp or Telegram).

What you get is time saved with

  • daily coaching up to 2 hours of actual messaging time from me
  • clarity and certainty through mindfulness and shifting state of mind
  • performance increases through flow state
  • removal of your blindspots with subconscious mind reprogramming
  • techniques that go beyond mind control

Get an optional 30-minute Zoom session to connect and agree upon our major focus for this week and that one thing that you are committed to shift. [value £250]

You agree to give a 90-second video testimonial telling me through your camera about the results you got.


Answers to questions you might have

  1. Who is this for?
    • This is for busy Entrepreneurs and business leaders looking to

      • save time on making aligned decisions with ease, clarity, and certainty

      • expose their blindspots, let go of the past limiting beliefs, and level up faster than on their own
      • take action that delivers results while living in high performance (state of flow in life and business)
    • This is for fast action-takers looking to expand their growth edge rapidly.
  2. What is the “powerful breakthrough” you will provide? Can you elaborate on what this breakthrough is and how it could benefit me?

    • A powerful breakthrough gives you the freedom to take the action needed to get the results you want. It comes with an abundance of choices replacing seeing no viable options before that.

    • A breakthrough is the untangling of the mind through a series of powerful insights.
      A powerful insight shows you a path with possibilities, leading to faster and better decisions. It inspires you to take immediate action. This leads to getting what you want faster.
      Actual insight is contextual and personal to each individual. A couple of examples: clarity in a growth direction in business, resolving and preventing conflicts in relationships, and finding time for a healthy lifestyle.

  3. What specific examples of life shifts can be achieved in a week?

    • A client came to me emotionally overwhelmed, full of doubt, and unable to focus on business. In less than a day we worked through the blocks, limiting beliefs, and got to a place where we designed a business plan for generating an extra £10,000 within the next 7 days.
    • A client came with the fear of being an imposter and stopping him from making offers to his clients. The fear was removed in less than 15 minutes of conversations and he was proud to offer his service and resume client enrollment calls.
  4. What is included in the coaching access aspect? Are there specific limits on the number of messages or calls per day? How quickly do you respond?

    • Get up to 2 hours of messaging time per day, 5 days a week (more than 10 hours of coaching per week).
      • messaging time includes the total time required for me to listen to and record voice notes, read/type text messages
      • note that 2 hours of messaging time is more than 2 hours of coaching time because, in a coaching session, there is time spent reflecting in silence; with this offer, this silence time is all yours and not part of the messaging time with me
    • Guaranteed reply in less than 2 hours within working hours from 9 am to 5 pm (GMT+4)
      Answers outside working hours are subject to availability.

    • Communication is through voice/text messages.
      Voice/video calls are not included (availability is subject to mutual agreement).
      There is no limit to the number of messages sent/received.

  5. What are some other benefits of the coaching, besides convenience?

    • Benefits of coaching:

      • personalized guidance and bespoke solutions by an expert, leading to results faster than researching and implementing solutions on your own

      • offer different perspectives on a situation, leading to exploring possibilities you would not have seen on your own.

        • ability to provide more options where there are not enough,

        • ability to create focus, where there are too many options.

        • ability to expose “blindspots” – things you are so used to that no longer see.
      • mental & emotional support

        • removal of mental and emotional blocks for effective action-taking, leading to faster results

      • accountability to take action

  6. What guarantees do you have?

    • You have a guarantee to receive bespoke service leading to clarity, insights, and breakthroughs. This and any results you might have are only possible if you show up, are fully honest and transparent, and do the work agreed upon.

    • You will also be held accountable for implementing the changes and show up with the feedback you got while taking the action.

    • You will receive the following support to achieve your previously agreed-upon goal:

      • 6 months of private support over text/voice messages (offer)
      • free unlimited group support in the Dream Accelerator Discord channel (6 months)
    • All sales are final and there is a no refund policy to ensure that there is no giving up on achieving your dream.
  7. When can we start?
    • At times we can start on the next working day after purchase. However, this can not be guaranteed. You can purchase right now and put yourself on the waitlist. You will be notified of the availability of service within the first 24 hours of your purchase (excluding weekends).