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Yoga with TOms .0

Greetings from Tenerife (as of the time of writing). As the title says I keep advancing my yoga practice and teaching.

Feel free to scroll down for a re-cap with version history (yeah, that’s a habit from my programming days ?️)

Gentle Yoga

Perfect for a gentle start of the day or week. Waking up the body with careful movements. Once warmed up class takes a unique spin with various options to follow. 

Active Yoga

The main theme and focus of the class is to prefer dynamic movements over longer holds.

Grounding Yoga

Encourage active focus on the present moment. Focus on observing the mind & body during the practice.

Silent Yoga

Intended for advanced or those who desire to advance more rapidly. Encouraging self-practice, self-confidence and self-reliance. Feel free to follow or inspire yourself from my free flow practice. Do your own thing! Listen to yourSelf.

The intention is to allow for a deeper connection with Self as there are no distractions buy voice guidance and instructions. Just you!


Version History

v1.0 free-flow & ashtanga yoga.
Free flow or strict ashtanga sequence. All or nothing. “Do or do not; there is no try” attitude.

v2.0 7-days theme.
Yoga every day with a flexible structure to adapt to almost any mood. With occasional ashtanga yoga practice. Bringing in certainty & variety to my classes while still keeping them exciting and free-flowing.

v2.5 3-days week theme.
Cutting down on a “strict” and overwhelming 7-day routine to scheduled practice only 3 times a week. Sticking to the bare minimum for feeling good. The rest of the days repeat the sequence, invest.

v3.0 3days theme + silent yoga
A mix of freedom & certainty. 3 days: gentle, active, and grounding. Rest of the days – silent yoga.


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